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Cinnamon Slippers "Nature"


Purely natural, with a footbed and straps made of seagrass and incorporated ground cinnamon, which provides long-lasting freshness. Every step is a pleasure! Feel like you’re walking barefoot, but much nicer.


Very comfortable and excellent ease of wearing. Massage your feet with every step

Effective against foot odor and sweaty feet

Uncramp your feet and legs (good for standing professions)

Regulates temperature. That means no more hot or cold feet.

Upper material: seagrass and cotton
Footbed: seagrass
Sole: EVA
Filling: ground cinnamon, ginger, aloe

Designed for double sizes, available in sizes: 36-37, 38-39, 40-41, 42-43 and 44-45

Note: Please avoid contact with water.

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